Opera VPN for Android released with Adblock and Tracking protection

The latest product from Opera is a completely free VPN app with adblock and tracking protection for Android which currently has locations in five countries.


Opera has been well-known for their browsers for over a decade both on the desktop and mobile platforms. The Opera browser started off as trialware on the desktop and mobile browsers with deals with mobile network operators. However, with the growing competition of free web browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Safari it also became free and one of the top choices among web and mobile users. Recently it was acquired by Chinese consortium for its name, privacy and performance apps.

Opera browser (mainly Opera mini) has long been compressing data through its mobile browser through their proxy server. The data compression allowed for wide adoption as mobile data was not cheap and everyone wanted more from their mobile data packages. Now the company is focusing on VPN and privacy market which has exploded since the Snowden revelations.

The latest product from Opera is a completely free VPN app for Android which has locations in five countries. Opera VPN had been available on iPhone but only recently been available on the Android phones. The simple VPN app has some pretty great features that should appeal the regular internet users as well as privacy concerned people.


For the regular users, geo-restriction is a problem on the internet. Many sites and services restrict or block services in countries and location they do not want to do business. Some of the examples of such services are Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer and others. VPN apps like Opera VPN allow users to change their virtual location so they can walk around the geo restrictions and access the blocked content.

Opera VPN currently has Canada, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore and United States as their VPN locations. The app contains ads, but they do not seem from Ad networks but their partner advertisements.

The thing that is going to appeal the privacy concerned people is, the adblocking and global tracking protection. The “Guardian” feature on the app allows the blocking of activity tracking all through your Android phone. This feature blocks ads and other privacy infringing content on apps and sites.


As the company is now under by a Chinese company, there is some doubt to how the data from users be used. Some reports say they are not logging any data from their apps so it is entirely safe. However, we do not know for sure. However, this applies to any VPN app on the Play store.

If you are tired of VPN apps with obtrusive ads, limited bandwidth and instability, Give Opera VPN a try, I used it on my tablet I do not often use for browsing, watching videos and found it to be quite stable and speedy. This however doesn’t control data usage from apps like Opera Max does. Moreover, please let us know your experience in the comments.

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