Open Source Dreamweaver Alternative : Aptana Studio

Open source dreamweaver alternative offers many professional features for web authoring and development for PHP, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

Adobe Dreamweaver is a WYSIWYG editor for web editing, allowing you to graphically edit website designs and content without coding all of the html element or style-sheets in a text pad. Dreamweaver is a great tool to get you quickly started in building websites and using them to your sites in no time. However it is a commercial tool and will cost you money to own it.

But there are now open source Dreamweaver alternatives that are as good as Dreamweaver and also free to use without paying a single penny. We will be presenting you with a free open source Dreamweaver alternative.

Aptana Studio is a professional open source web authoring and web development tool. It holds many professional features required for web development. It allows you to develop and test your entire web application using a single environment with support for the latest browser technology specs such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Ruby, Rails, PHP and Python.

aptana studio 3.0

If offers these core features:

HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Code Assist
Aids in authoring of HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, and Ruby. Supports the latest HTML5 specifications. Includes information about the level of support for each element in the major web browsers.

Deployment Wizard
Support for one-shot as well as keep-synchronized setups. Multiple protocols including FTP, SFTP, FTPS and Capistrano. Ability to automatically publish your Ruby & Rails applications to hosting services such as Heroku and Engine Yard.

Integrated Debugger
Set breakpoints, inspect variables, control execution. The integrated Ruby & Rails debugger helps you squash those bugs. (JavaScript debugging coming soon.)

Git Integration
Easily put your projects under git source code control. Collaborate with team members thru merge, pull and push actions to remote repositories such those hosted on Github. Facilitates git-based deployments.

Built-in Terminal
Quickly access a command line terminal for execution of operating system commands and language utilities such as gem, rake, etc.

IDE Customization
Setup your development environment exactly the way you want it by extending the core capabilities through scripting of custom commands. Studio ships with hundreds of commands but always presents them in context based on the type of file you are editing.

So you can start building your sites with this open source Dreamweaver alternative and don’t have to worry about getting pirated versions or cracked versions of Dreamweaver

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