Open .docx files in Microsoft Word 2003 or 2000

Having problem dealing with not having Microsoft Word 2007 where you are and all your files are in .docx format and you have Word 2000 or W0rd 2003. Here is a trick that would help you open those .docx files in office 2000 and Office 2003.


First you will have to download

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack for Word, Excel, and PowerPoint File Formats

This will install the necessary requirements needed for the older version of Word, Exel, PowerPoint to open the file versions of 2007 in the older Word, Exel, and Powerpoint without the need of upgrading to the 2007 versions.

The file size of File Format Converters 4 from Microsoft’s site is  37.0 MB. You could just download it and let it convert the formats for you. And it would be a good idea to carry this software with you if you are travelling with your .docx or .docm files.

Alternately if you have access to the internet you could use free online file conversion site like which will help you convert to different file formats including doc and docx and more file formats.

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