Onecosmic Samsung Galaxy S ICS RC4 released

Onecosmics team have released the RC4 version of their Ice Cream Sandwich port to Samsung Galaxy S and its variants with lots of features and fixes.

Onecosmic and their team at ICSSGS have just released their updated to Samsung Galaxy S ICS ROM RC4 to the public. This release brings many bug fixes and feature updates to the ROM. The Samsung Galaxy S ICS RC4 is available for download on their Google Code Page. The RC4 ROM is available for all of the Samsung Galaxy S variants like Captivate and Vibrant.

It has been a week since the previous release but the team has packed up a huge feature list and bug fixes which makes it worth the wait.

Here is the changelog from PaulForde from XDA-Developers forum:

  • Changed RIL code to CM one, cleaner code implementation
  • Whole new updater script which should prevent any issues when flashing thanks to DemonWav!
  • In browser, ‘Exit to car mode’ now says ‘Find on Page’
  • Deep idle working with framework integration
  • 100MHz now works
  • You can now purchase applications from the Android Market
  • In camera, all video effects work flawlessly
  • Editing pictures in Gallery works now
  • Screen flicker upon lock is now gone
  • Odexed optimization
  • Battery Life eXtender
  • Slightly tweaked read ahead values
  • Sztupy’s USB OTG V5
  • WiFi fix for those with issues with WiFi not working with screen off
  • Unstable voltages fixed
  • Facebook sync works now
  • WiFi fix manager included(fixes regional WiFi issues in ICS)
  • USB Transfer Speed fixed
  • Back to AOSP Music

Here are the direct download links to Samsung Galaxy S and its variants. These ROM packagers are easily flashable from your ClockWorkMod Recovery options.

Samsung Galaxy S i9000
SHA1 Checksum: 7fb7577774936110142b75880dbd4cf16bbb0a45

Samsung Galaxy S i9000B
SHA1 Checksum: 07e121263fe2c2332c03399d5103168f32ee18a5

Samsung Galaxy S Captivate
SHA1 Checksum: ec619e76b4846cb3ffa84dc54f161c1d1a01b774

Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant
SHA1 Checksum: 43b81983b5df2081d0ba1d0e91ff9976f7771d9d

So if you have been waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich on your Samsung Galaxy S or its variants or have been using Onecosmics releases before, you have to try this ROM out.

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