Official Wikipedia App for Android

Official Wikipedia App for Android enables users to view the content of their choice with ease in multiple language with ability to share.

Wikipedia Foundation has recently released an official Wikipedia App for Android. This application will enables you to view Wikipedia with a much better user interface. The application is available for download freely on the Android Market.  This App is also free of any Advertisement we’ve seen. This app was used by users to view Wikipedia when it was blacked out against SOPA.

Official Wikipedia App for Android

The application is really easy to use and will certainly make browsing for the content you want much easier. When you run the application you are greeted with “Today’s Featured Article” and latest “In The News” from Wikipedia foundation. You will be able to search for you favorite topic from the top search box. And as you type you get instant recommendations which will make it even easier to search for topics on Wikipedia. He application is however a view only app, so you can’t edit or add text and corrections to the topic. You will have to use your browser or desktop for that feature.

Nepal on Wikipedia App

The app will also let you to view articles in multiple language which can be set on the settings page or you can view the current article on the language you want from the option on your devices settings button. The read in feature will allow you to view the articles in 7 languages namely English, Italian, Russian, French, Spanish, Dutch, and one more. This feature enables you to translate the current page to the language of your choice. You can also set your Wikipedia app to your local language from the apps settings.

Wikipedia App Settings

You can also save the pages to the list of saved pages, which allow you to quickly view them later when needed. The app also has a “Share” feature which will enable you to share the Wikipedia pages to your social networks like Facebook, twitter, Google + and more easily.

Wikipedia App Saved Pages

This Wikipedia App also has a integrated map features that allows you to check your map for information on Wikipedia. Check out the Wikipedia App for Android from the Market and tell us what you think.

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