Official Google +1 Chrome extension

Google +1 button extension for Google chrome has been released by Google which enables you to view and add +1's to the site you're viewing.

Google has launched its own Google +1 chrome extension for Chrome browse for everyone to grab a piece of its features. This extension will enable you to view the current number of plus on the current page and also let you add plus to it. And with Google has posted how it doesn’t track your site visits or keeps a browser history for the purpose  of using the Google Plus Extension here,  You can read more about it at How the +1 button respects your privacy.

google plus 1 button extension for chrome

The extension will however keep some track of your visits for about two weeks to maintain and debug its systems. And it needs access to your Google + profile, IP address and some browser related information.

chrome google plus1 button

After you’ve installed the Google +1 Button extension to the chrome, the Google +1 button will appear on the top right corner with other extensions. Then you can start using the button on the pages you like.

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