Mozilla’s Boot To Gecko Preview

Mozilla now tries to bring complete freedom to the Mobile platform with Boot to Gecko with only using open source technologies like HTML5, Javascript and CSS.

Mozilla has been working as a non profit organization that plans to help people get a better web experience and being free of any control. Mozilla Firefox and Mozilla Thunderbird are some of the examples of their contribution to the open source community and for the software freedom. But now that they feel that they have to bring that freedom to the Mobile platform and they have done so with a new mobile operating system called Boot to Gecko. Since only the top company like Google, Apple are controlling it, there has come a need of a real open source mobile platform that everyone can contribute and isn’t made for  business competition.

Boot 2 Gecko

Boot To Gecko is a complete Open Source mobile platform that’s still in embryonic stages but has huge potential as being one of the best Mobile Platforms.Boot To Gecko will be using the same web rendering engine as Mozilla Firefox and  Boot To Gecko will be completely based on HTML5, JavaScript and CSS  which are all open technologies and fairly easy to learn.  Which makes is easier for new developers to create their dream application. Even the dialers, SMS applications and camera application are built on these platforms. And Mozilla promises it won’t be using any proprietary technologies in Boot to Gecko so it can rest easy on not getting sued upon by others.

Here is a preview of Boot To Gecko running on a Samsung Galaxy SII phone. The video is taken by , so thanks for them for the Video.

[youtube TaujwbpbLk0 500 450]

Being based on HTML5, Boot To Gecko is expected to give a smart phone experience on even  mid and low end mobile device. Boot To Gecko not being so much hardware dependent makes it available to a wide range of people who cannot afford high range devices like for Apple and Android. So you won’t be needing dual core phones to get a better smartphone experience. Android being hardware dependent you get faster and better mobile experience with higher end devices but Boot To Gecko being just a web rendering engine it can give you much better experience with even the low end devices.

Mozilla has been working with Telefónica, Qualcomm and other companies for this project. And there has been talks about releasing a Boot To Gecko Mobile later this year.


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