Move and Backup your files in multiple cloud services with is an ingenious service to backup files across multiple cloud servers because relying on just one cloud storage service isn't going to be enough. is an ingenious service every internet users must use who rely on safe and secure backup of their files across multiple servers. Because relying on just one cloud storage service isn’t going to be enough, as services might fail you at the very moment you need it the most. So provides you with an automated feature to backup your files across multiple cloud services. And it’s really simple to use interface will allow you to do it in just a few steps. currently provides 10 GB of transfer to free accounts which we think is more than enough for most users.

mover-io currently supports 24 multiple sources and destinations including Amazon S3, Box, Dropbox, Sugarsync, Skydrive and FTP.  These will help you backup your files across multiple locations for safekeeping, so even if you remove a file on a location it will be on a different cloud if the sync schedule hasn’t completed yet. Here are the sources currently available on

The mechanism is simple as you have to provide access for app to access folders on your source cloud and folder on destination cloud. Then you have the option to manually initiate the transfer or schedule a transfer at the time of your choice and repetition if you want the sync to run daily, weekly or monthly. Then start the transfer and you will get an email notification once the transfer is completed. You’ll also have the option to compress the files before the transfer of transfer them one by one. As some cloud services will have upload limits you’ll be better off by not using the compression feature.

mover io sources

As you can see there is a hefty amount of services you can choose from to backup from and to. This comes in very handy for students, project management and webmasters that need redundant backup of their files. As a student and a programmer, i can’t stress the importance of backups enough.

We will be including a cPanel backup mechanism by in a future post which will help webmasters get free backups regularly. So webmasters will have a copy of their files and databases even if the site goes down. It makes moving to new hosts much easier so you don’t have to ask your host for files repeatedly.

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