Microsoft demonstrates Windows 8 sensor fusion.

Microsoft demonstrates Windows 8 sensor capability with Windows 8 sensor fusion for better windows 8 viewing and gaming experience.

Microsoft, with the latest operating system Windows 8 is planning to overcome the likes of Apple and Android has constantly tried to prove the benefits and features of its operating system. On a recent blog post, Microsoft described the implementation and mechanism of sensors in Windows 8. The blog post also showed how Windows 8 sensor fusion which uses data from multiple sensor inputs to complement each others defects for a much better visual and gaming experience.

Recent advances in sensor technology are catalysts for the acceleration and evolution of user experiences on PCs. The ability to react to changes in ambient light, motion, human proximity, and location are becoming common and essential elements of the computing experience. Even something simple—like an ambient light sensor to adjust display brightness in a room with changing light—is potentially a basic scenario for desktop PCs. Of course, we also want to make sure you have full control over the use of these peripherals, since we know that different sensors leave open opportunities for risk or abuse that some folks might not be comfortable with. This post looks at the details of supporting sensors in Windows 8 and was authored by Gavin Gear, a PM on the Device Connectivity team.
–Steven Sinofsky

Windows 8 sensor fusion

Here’s a video demonstrating the Windows 8 sensor fusion with Accelorometer, Gyro and Magnetometer sensor by Gavin Gear, Program Manager at Microsoft Device Connectivity Team.

[youtube ZLjsrSRnhVU 500 400]

So there you have it, Window 8 Sensor fusion capability to use multiple sensor technologies to make the system much better for your viewing and gaming experience. For more info on this visit Supporting sensors in Windows 8 post on Microsoft Developers Network Blog

Source: MSDN Blogs

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