Manage and Customize your Chrome Search Engines

This is a tutorial on how to manage your Chrome search engines. This way you will be able to control how you search your queries on Chrome, Chromium or Iron Browser.

Want to know how to manage your Chrome search engines. This simple tutorial will enable you  to control how you search your queries on Chrome, Chromium or Iron Browser. The default search engine on Google Chrome is set to Google. But you can change it to any search engine you want. And it’s really simple.

Open up your Google Chrome and use any search engine or site you want you want that is able to search. The search could be on a blog, a forum or a search engine. These are directly registered on Chrome’s search engines list. You can then access the search engines from Chrome’s option panel and change your search engine settings. Or you can just right-click on the navigation bar of Chrome and select Edit Search Engines.

Options> Basics > Search > Manage search engines

google chrome search settings

On the search engines settings page you will see all the search engines you have used during browsing. There are some Default search engines like Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia or Bing. Others will be listed on Other search engines. Now you can just hover your mouse over a search engine and you will see a option to make it default search engine for chrome.when you set a search engines as a default search option, it’ll be transferred to the default search options.

As you have seen the search engines setting page has three columns. The first column lists the name of the search engine, the second column lists the shortcut or a keyword you can use on the navigation bar so you don’t have to type the whole URL to search using that search engine. The third column shows the syntax used for searching on Chrome using the search engine you have chosen. And you can use “https://” on the syntax if the search engine allows SSL Encryption.

custom chrome search

You can change the name of the search engine, the shortcut you want to use and the syntax that is going to be used to search your queries on Google Chrome. After you set your shortcut on the settings page, you’ll now be able to use a search engine by typing the letters you used on the search settings page. For example if you set Google search engine shortcut to “ggl“, you can now just type “ggl” on your navigation bar then press space on tab button to use google’s search engine. The same goes for every other search engine listed on the settings page.

The same works for all browsers using Chromium source code like Chromium itself, Iron Browser, Google Chrome and others.

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