Make TeamViewer load screens faster

This simple tutorial allows you to optimize teamviewer to display screens faster even in your slow connection speeds.

TeamViewer is a  easy and very efficient tool that helps you use control remote desktops. TeamViewer allows you to connect to your friends computer for help or control your own PC or server from anywhere on the internet. And TeamViewer is one of the best tool that provides much greater speed than other remote desktop tools around.

Team viewer is free to use for personal use and its just great. It has programs for many operating systems like Mac, Linux, Windows and Mobile Operating systems like Android devices and iOS devices. You can grad the downloads from this link:

Now about the speed, if you’re on a good connection teamviewer offers great screen load speeds. But if you have a slow speed then you’ll be facing problems with slow screen loads. However, teamviewer offers different resolutions to manage for your speeds.

The first option would be to choose Optimize speed option from Quality at the View Tab on the top dock on TeamViewer.

teamviewer optimize speed

This options optimizes teamviewer to use the bandwidth to optimize the speed of teamviewer load screens faster. There is one more option that allows you to optimize the screen load speeds on Teamviewer. That is by using a custom settings in the Quality option.

First go Go to

View -> Quality -> Custom settings

Then again go to the menu to Edit custom settings. There set Colors to Grayscale and disable AeroGlass option.

teamviewer optimize for best speed

This options makes the screen display only two colors (black and white) to speed up the screen loading for slow internet speeds.

Also try to look into your Antivirus or Firewall software to see if teamviewer has reliable access to the internet. This also might be causing the connection to the remote computer poor and laggy. You can either add teamviewer to the list of applications that can connect freely or you can disable the antivirus software or firewall which is not recommended.

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    • There are many people who still use Teamviewer for it’s simplicity. A safer way would be to stop teamviewer and it’s services stopped from running in the background. I suppose using it only when it’s required would save hackers getting in?

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