Best Linux Live USB Installers

Linux Live USB installers are software that allow you to mount your favorite linux distribution on to your USB thumb drive so that you can run them anywhere

Linux is one of the best Operating Systems out there and with so many linux distributions out there users like us have many choices to choose from to fit our needs. Linux operating systems are also very secure operating systems which let you browse the internet without worrying about security which has made it a good choice to use Linux from a Linux live USB drive to browse the web when you’re on the move. Linux distributions are also easily mounted on USB or flash drives which make it easier for people to carry their Linux with them where ever they go.

There are two great software alternative which can be used for this. The first one is open source software UNetBootIn. UnetBootin provides and easy interface and process that lets you choose from a list of Linux distribution from a drop down menu. Then it will download them and install it to your USB drive. But if that process seems to much time consuming and you already have a iso of a Linux distro that you want to mount on your USB then you can choose the Diskimage option below the window which will create a Linux linux USB from the ISO file you’ve chosen. Be sure to carefully check which drive is being used for the mount before click the OK button.

unetbootin linux live usb installer

Next Linux Live USB installer is Universal Live installer, which also supports mounting other non-Linux based softwares to your USB like Antivirus Rescue CDs and Windows 7/8 installers. It is a closed source project but updates regularly. Universal Live installer however needs you to choose the distribution you want and choose to download or use the iso file from your hard drive. Universal Live installer will also format your USB drive if you want to do a clean install.

universal usb installer

So if you are planning on trying out Linux or want to carry a linux distribution you like and trust with you where ever you go then you can try these two software to help you accomplish that easily. Also these Linux live USB installers are very small in size which can be downloaded and used from any where without loosing much time.

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