Linaro : Doubles up Android OS Speeds

Linaro has taken the Android AOSP code and heavily optimized codes to bring double performance and speed boost to the device using Android

Linaro is a Open source optimized Android build that can double the speed of the current Android 4.0.4 operating system. Linaro has taken the Android AOSP(Android Open Source Project) code and optimized the hell out of the codes to bring double performance and speed to the device using Android. And the good news is that the code has been submitted to the CM9(Cyanogen Mod) project for approval, if approved and included all of the devices which will CM9 will have the performance boost provided by Linaro project.

Here are the performance benchmark on a Pandaboard chip with same memory and processor but one with Linaro Android build and other Stock Android build. And you can see the performance boost added up by using Linaro.

linaro performance with ICS

And this is the performance on the Stock Android Build and you can see the performance deference between the Linaro build and the Stock Android.

Stock ICS Performance

Here’s a video showing the demonstration of the benchmarks at Linaro Connect Q2.2012 in Hong Kong.

[youtube mrQRYmYip6Q 550]

So, hopefully these optimizations are verified and added upon by ROM developers like CM9 and also Google themselves. This would greatly help Android and its faithful users.

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