scrobbling on Ubuntu with Amarok

Want to use scrobbling and love song from a music player in Ubuntu. Amarok works perfectly with so you can track your music.

Since VLC wasn’t working with scrobbling on my Ubuntu machine I had to try a new music player that would track my music as they played. Amarok is an opensource music player similar to VLC and works perfectly with I love keeping track of things I do and tracking music and getting recommendations is one of the things I love.

Lastfm amarok offers a feature called scrobbling which allows you to send information about what you’re listening through music applications you use. If configured to use scrobbler the application sends information about the current track you’re listening and also all the tracks you’ve listened to. So if you like tracking your music listening habits, an application with scrobbling is a must.

Unfortunately on my Ubuntu, VLC wouldn’t scrobble music even with all configurations. I tried searching for a solution and couldn’t find one. Amarok came to the rescue with scrobbling plugin enabled by default.

To get Amarok installed on your Ubuntu, you can search it through Ubuntu Software Center or install it through terminal with the following command:

sudo apt-get install amarok

After you’re done installing Amarok, run it from the unity menu. Once the app opens, go the “Tools” section and “Configure Amarok” settings. You’ll get a window where you can configure Amarok settings. On the Plugins section, you’ll find the plugin listed there.

Amarok lastfm plugin


In the plugin section, click the gear icon beside the icon. This will open up a new window that will allow you to enter your profile details and also other settings you can configure.

lastfm-login-amarokOnce done, Apply the changes and close the settings window. Now Amarok will start using scrobbling and you can start listening to your favorite tracks right away as it tracks what you listen to in the Background.

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