KRDC : Remote Desktop application for Ubuntu

KRDC is a remote desktop application by KDE with features like screenshots, shortcuts, customizable tab bar allowing more features than default remote desktop client in Ubuntu and even Remmina desktop client.

KRDC or KDE Remote Desktop Client is an application which is capable of connecting to VNC and RDP with features like screenshot, keyboard shortcuts and smoother graphics. I had been using Remmina for my remote desktop connections but it was getting quite laggy at time and didn’t have features like screenshots or shortcuts which i could really use. I’ll still have them both trying to compare the speed and reliability. Although Remmina supports more protocols (RDP, VNC, NX, XDMCP and SSH), normally you wouldn’t need more than RDP or VNC to connect to your Windows, Linux or Mac machineso this is a great alternative.

You can easily get KRDC in Ubuntu through the software center and once it’s installed, you can use it right away to connect to a remote desktop. You’ll just have to choose the connection protocol on the window and give it the remote desktop computers IP address.


The keyboard shortcuts let you control what you want to do during your remote desktop session and will save you time compared to using mouse to accomplish tasks. The screenshot feature will let you take screenshot and save it directly save it in the clipboard so you can paste it in your image editing app like Gimp or Krita.


KRDC also allows you to transfer sound from your remote desktop to your current system. You can manage your remote desktop connection settings like sound, resolution, color depth, keyboard layout and allow it to save your password for the directly connecting to the computer for future without the password prompt. You’ll need to set up kwallet for that.

The settings are straight forward and you can set options to go directly full screen or in an window mode.


So there you have it a definite competitor to Remmina client, and certainly better than the default remote desktop client that comes with the Ubuntu. So if you’re looking for a remote desktop client, I would definitely recommend this and also please let us know your experiences in the comments.

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