How to install toonel in Ubuntu

How to install Toonel in Ubuntu and compress your internet bandwidth to save you from spending a lot for your Internet with data limits

Toonel also can be used in Ubuntu to compress data from and to internet. It serves as a dedicated proxy server compressing data as you use your internet. This helps users with limited bandwidth reduce their spending on traffic. It works with any internet service like 3G/GPRS/DSL/CDMA/Dial-Up or Satellite Internet Service.



Toonel is also multi-platform and is available on multiple devices like Windows Mobile, Nokia Mobiles and others. Toonel being built in Java makes it cross-platform from Linux, Mac and Windows.

To make Toonel work on Ubuntu you will have to download a jar package from Follow the link below to download the jar package.

You will also need the Java run time environment package from Oracle. You can get the package from Ubuntu Software Center, It is called OpenJDK Java 7 Runtime.  After installing Java onto your Ubuntu, you will need to set the toonel.jar file to executable to run the application. Copy the file to your home folder then by right clicking on the file and go to properties and set the file to executable.

Once done you can run the toonel jar file to use Toonel on your Ubuntu. Once the Toonel is running set the proxy address to one that’s set in Toonel Mapping tab onto Ubuntu Network settings or on the applications you want the bandwidth compressed. And you’re set to compress your internet bandwidth using Toonel.



You can access your stats on your web browser on :

And that’s how you install Toonel in Ubuntu and run your internet with the data being compressed saving you bandwidth cost. Try it and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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