Message “seen” Remover hack for Facebook- No one needs to know you’ve read their message

If you want others on Facebook from knowing that you've seen their message then this hack will enable you to check messages without the other person knowing you've seen the message.

Aren’t those read status in Facebook kinda boring when you don’t want the next person to know you read their messages. You want to know what the message is but don’t want to respond right away or be invisible and act like you haven’t seen the message. Not the best things to do to your friends but useful in some situations none the less. Mostly with work and annoying people situations.


Now you can get that feature on Firefox with Adblock plus plugin. And it’s as easy as clicking a link. If you have the Adblock Plus plugin or the Adblock Edge plugin. Just click HERE

After the filter has been enabled on your Adblock plugin, you can head over to facebook and start testing if the hack is working for you. It worked for me but you’re left with ton of unread messages on your Facebook every time you log into facebook. As this hack doesn’t let you mark them as “seen” to Facebook.

message seen remover for firefox

To remove the filter and re-enable the “seen” feature back again, just untick the filter on your Adblock plugin in the add-ons section.

Facebook message seen adblock filter

The filter work on both Adblock plus and Adblock Edge plugin which is a fork of the Adblock Plus plugin. And this has only been tested on Firefox but should work on Google Chrome.
So add the plugin and the filter to your Adblock settings and let us know what you think in the comments

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