Google Plus gets features from Facebook and Twitter

Google Plus has mixed together features from both facebook and twitter plus its own features for a new social network which is gaining much popularity.

Google plus is the new social network in Internet and it has already begun to get lots of good response from the users and has already crossed the 10 million mark.Google seems to have a little bit of Twitter and Facebook functionalities in the same site with a new feature where you can add your friends or people you know to a circle to receive updates from them.

google plus equals facebook and twitter

Google Plus seems to have packed features from Twitter like following people without actually adding them as friends. You do not need to the accepted as a friend to receive updates from a friend. But you get the feature of Facebook where you can comment on friends status if you are in each other’s circle. This makes it a combination of both Facebook and twitter at the same time. However Google adds feature like easy linking of images and videos and also the group chat feature that Google calls Hangout.

Features similar to Twitter

  • Receive followers like on Twitter without actually having to follow them back.
  • Add users to circles which is similar to lists in Twitter.
  • Receive updates from a user or a celebrity without them adding you.
  • To stop receiving updates you can simply remove them from your circle as you unfollow users on Twitter.

Features similar to Facebook

  • You can add videos, images or anything you want to share with your friends and anyone who’s added you as a friend.
  • You have to be on a user’s Circle to comment on the users status, videos and images.
  • A brief profile page on every user with there updates and statuses.

Feature from Google

  • Group video chat (Hangout) with your friends and your circles.
  • Able to share gif images on your status.
  • You can +1 your friends status, links and images.
  • You cannot message any users.
  • You can directly post on users profile.
  • Your profile is available on Google Profile search.
  • Linked with all your Google Account.

So Google Plus is trying to combine the features from both the top social networks into one for creating a complete social network. But it’s still on the beta staged and that we think it will develop into a great social network. If you haven’t had the chance to get invited to Google Plus please use the following form to get a invite from us.

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