List of Google Cloud Messaging (GCM) enabled apps for Greenify Pro Users

These are the list of apps that can still send you notification with (Google Cloud Messaging) GCM even when the applications are hibernated with Greenify (donation version)and aren't running in the background.

Google Cloud Messaging or GCM is a feature on Android that allows applications to send push messages to your phone while the applications are running in the background. Most applications have a service running in the background to intercept these message to give your notifications.  This service requires you to have a data connection saves your RAM so you don’t have to be running the complete application on the background. You will need Google Account if your device is lower than Android 3.0 and works without Google account with devices over 4.0.4 or higher.

And if you are using applications like Greenify that hibernate your applications to save battery and memory. This service helps you keep getting those notifications even after hibernation. Here i’m going to list some applications that are GCM-enabled and can be hibernated knowing you can still get those notifications. You’ll have to keep the “Keep Notifications on” option on Greenify to keep you from loosing those notifications.


Basically this means that if you have Greenify (donation version) even if you kill these apps, they can still send you push messages to your phone through the Internet. Greenify will wake the app to give you the notification.  The app doesn’t need any service of its own to be running in the background. You still need the application on your phone though.


Greenify is an application that helps you hibernate these apps safely without loosing any functionality from the applications. And if you donated for the pro version and to support development, you’re offered a feature that enables you to hibernate apps completely while still being able to receive notifications from them through GCM.

greenify gcm push-message-received-notification

If you are using Greenify and know applications that are GCM enabled please post so i can update the list, and also if you are a developer with an Android app with GCM feature let us know too.

Applications that are GCM enabled (only that i know of):

Social Networking:

1. Google Plus

2. Twitter

3. Pinterest

4. Facebook

5. LinkedIn

6. Instagram




2. Pocket

3. AirDroid

4. SolMail

5. Investing




1. HealthTap



1. Pandora Internet Radio

2. TuneIn Radio Pro

3. iHeartRadio


Forum Discussions

1. Topify

2. Tapatalk


Text Messaging (plus voice):

1. Facebook Messenger

2. Viber

3. Text Free: Calling Texting App

4. Meow


6. WhatsApp Messenger

7. Skype



While these applications are GCM push messaging enabled, some might or might not be able to send you notifications. Things that can affect the push notifications are if you have disabled notifications on the App or on Android app settings. Or the App has disabled the code to enable GCM push messages at the moment.

If you want an app tested before you buy the Greenify (donation version), please post in the comments. And if you want to post an app on the list for others to view, please post a comment with a picture of the app on the Greenify list with the GCM enabled icon.

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  1. To use Google cloud messaging services, you need to install xposed framework which needs the phone to be rooted. I may not root my phone, why can’t apps work without rooting. Rooting and installing are fine for tech savvy people or as we say geeks, but for the normal average user such apps are of no use.

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