Free Typing Games

Typing games  allow users to learn typing more efficiently and smoothly. These typing games can also be used to teach kids and children typing. These games create a interesting gaming environment where your brain tries to focus on the gaming part rather than the typing part. Which causes your brain to learn the keyboard structure and effectively move your fingers across it.

You can download the Tux Typing game from SourceForge from the following link:

free typing games

Tux typing is basically a typing game that is meant for the kids who have just started learning typing. Tux Typing allows two gaming style typing games named fish Cascade and Comet Zap. And the games include different informational things like numbers, alphabets, colors and animals. This allows the children learn them as well as learn typing at the same time. As they get good at these games the children can try the finger exercise where you get random letters rather than predefined words. The finger exercise is also great to adults or advance users to try out your typing and have fun with it.

typing games available

There are also difficulty levels that will determine how hard the typing is going to get. And of course if you’re just starting up or teaching some one to type, you should start from the easiest then move on. So enjoy this fun playing with these typing games.

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