Free Android Root Explorer : ES File Explorer

ES File explorer offers free android root explorer features so you can browse and make changes to your android root files for rooted phones.

If you’re on a Android device, you can have so many features and options that you couldn’t get anywhere else. And once you root your Android smartphone, you have the file level access to everything on your device including your system files, apps and more. But most of the File explorer on Market don’t allow you to explore root files and you need a Android Root Explorer app to do that. Here we will be discucssing on a free Android Root Explorer app that will help you explore your root files without having to pay for any apps.

Android Root Files

ES File Explorer is a free Android app which allows you to not only view the content of your SD Card and Root but also let you browse files from Bluetooth, FTP and Internet. And not to mention the function to view and compress/extract zip files directly from your Android Phone.

Here is how you use the android root explorer feature on your Android device. Once you install the ES File Explore, open up the application. Then browse to the settings page with the settings button. Once there, on the bottom of the settings page you’ll find “Root Settings” Option. Enable both “Root Explorer” and “Mount File System” to enable browsing your root files and adding changes to them. If you do not want to make changes to it don’t use the “Mount File System” option. If you get an Super User request, Allow the application and ask super user to remember the application.

ES File Explorer root explore settings

Once you’ve done this, you might want to restart for the settings to take effect. Then you can go onto your “Favorites” options on the ES File Explorer scree and choose the “/” button to access your Android Root files. Too easy isn’t it.

Android Root Explorer

Then you’ll have a view at your Android Root Files. And take good care of what you do with your root files, or it might brick your phone. Its only recommended you use the root file explorer function only if you know what you are doing. The first image of this post shows the root files being displayed with ES File Explorers root explore feature.

We’ll be covering a full feature brief on multiple functions of ES File Explorer soon on our site other than Android root explorer. Please do leave your comments on the article below. We’d love to hear from you.

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