Floatify makes Android notifications better with heads up and quick replies

Floatify is an Android app that enables heads up notification and quick reply with many more cutomization features and gestures.

For today’s article, I’m going to write a personal review about an app called Floatify. This app allows you to receive notifications as heads up notification on your Android device meaning right on your screen rather on hidden on your notification bar. You will not need to access the notification bar every time you receive a notification anymore. The best part is being able to directly reply to your message on the fly without having to go to the app every time. The quick reply, however, works for supported apps like Whatsapp, Telegram, Skype, Line etc (check their play store page for supported apps). This way you can reply to a chat, message, and text with Floatify.

floatify headsup notifcations and quick reply

With the ability to reply to a notification while you are on screen, it allows you to read notification right from your lock screen even when your device is set up with pin code lock. You can reply from the lockscreen too but you can disable showing notification text if you don’t want other snooping on your messages while you are away. This application is great for people who work and share messages with coworkers, friends, and families frequently.

Floatify quick reply settings
floatify theme settings
Floatify notification theme settings
Floatify headsup settings
Floatify headsup settings

It does, however, needs access to all the notifications permission on your Android device to be able to accomplish what it does. For people concerned about their privacy, this may be deterring but for this application to work there’s really no other way to accomplish what it does. For media applications like is Spotify, Google play music or Poweramp, it will also show music controls. You can also blacklist applications in the settings sorry you don’t get notifications from those apps

The app is really easy to setup and once you’ve downloaded the application it runs in the background and waits for notifications to show it to you in a better way. This application works by creating a notification pop up on the current screen. When you see these notifications you can use multiple gestures to interact with the notification. For example, if you are using “Inbox by Google” application you can expand the notification to hide the notification, mark the email as down or you can dismiss the notification. You can customize what the gestures accomplish in the settings of the floatify application. You can also set up where the notifications appear on your screen. you can make the notifications on the top of the screen, middle of the screen or at the bottom of the screen. There are a number of different customization settings that let you customize the icons, fonts, and size of the notification.

Floatify also has a premium unlocker for this application when purchased lets you customize the application even with features like additional gestures, theme customization. The free version is more than enough to control your notification customization needs. The premium version helps support the developer so that more features can be added in the future versions, There are options which let you hide notifications on full-screen application like games or video players from the premium version. The best feature of the premium version is to be able to backup and restore settings so you don’t lose your customizations while you switch phones or when you install a new ROM.

floatify expert mode
Floatify expert mode for maximum customization

You can also customize the theme of the notification heads up to look like Android Lollipop or iPhone notifications. So if you like how the iPhone notifications look you can choose it to be your default notification theme. There are ready a ton of features with this app that it is hard to compile in a single article, so I recommend you to go and check out the free version of the application and play with the settings. This will allow you to check if you would like to keep this application or not. After having used for a couple of months I can definitely think that this is one of the best applications for Android.

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