Flipboard for Android – Installation and Signup Instructions

Flipboard, the app exclusive to Samsung Galaxy S3 has been leaked and now you can add to your own android device and enjoy its features if the device supports it.

One of the new feature of the latest Samsung Galaxy Phone was Flipboard, the social magazine app. Flipboard is currently available only on iOS devices with android version only exclusively available on Samsung Galaxy S3. But guys from XDA-Developers have extracted out the applications apk file and released it publicly on the forum.

Flipboard for Android

As the application was specifically designed for Galaxy S3, Flipboard might not install or work properly. So you have to try it out for yourself to see if it works for your device. Here i’ll give you instruction on how you can setup a account on flipboard because the regular signup option on it doesn’t quite work.

Firstly you’ll have to download the Flipboard apk from the XDA Developers forum thread.


Direct link:


Once you download the apk and installation works, then follow these instruction to create a Flipboard account and add your social networks or any feed you want to your flipboard.

First, run the app and let it stay for a while, then you will get a screen with a red ribbon on the top right as you can see on the first image above. Tap that ribbon and you’ll be taken to a new screen.


On the new screen, press the top left Flipboard logo which takes you to the signup page.

Flipboard Account

Press on the signup button and you can now signup for a new Flipboard account. Fill up the form and then you can now add your facebook, twitter, tumblr and other networks to your flipboard easily just by searching.

Flipboard Android Signup

Flipboard Social Integration

Now add your social accounts then search and add your favorite news site and feeds to it to view them with a single flip. Its amazing, tell us how you feel on the comments.

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