Firefox OS Boot2Gecko Simulator on your Firefox Browser

Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko) is an completely open source mobile operating system completely based on open source technologies available like HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. That makes it one of the most open source mobile operating system there is. There is however a big competition growing over who has the best mobile operating system with big players like Apples iOS, Google’s Android safely at the top. However new open source projects like Open WebOS, Ubuntu Touch are brewing up some contenders for the next big mobile operating system. Here we take a look at the Firefox OS (Boot2Gecko) simulator for Firefox browser.


As the simulator is still in the alpha stage things like camera, music player and video player don’t work. The GPS feature uses your IP for your location, your computers internet to browse the internet and your mouse to use for scroll and gestures on the simulator. Pressing the homebutton long enough launches the recent apps menu if you’d like to go to an app you previously used.

You can  download the simulator freely from Mozilla’s plugin directory from the below link (you have to keep the tab open for it to complete install):

or manually download the xpi file from the below links (right click > Save link as. then drag it to your firefox browser):

Download Boot2Gecko Simulator for Linux

Dowlnload Boot2Gecko Simulator for Mac

Download Boot2Gecko Simulator for Windows

After install  you can access the Firefox OS simulator from Firefox Menu > Web Devloper > Firefox OS Simulator. Then start the simulator from the left sidebar.

We’ll be covering more of the Firefox OS simulator with more screenshots in following posts. As the simulator is simple and has small download size, we recommend you go and check out some of its features before the final version comes out in the market. Furthermore, if you’d really like to help you can report the bugs you find on the simulator to the Firefox Boot2Gecko Team for fixing. There is an option on the settings drawer “Improve Boot2Gecko” to submit feedback”. And do let us know how it goes.

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