Firefox 5 Final download available on Mozilla FTP

Firefox 5 final is available for download from Mozilla FTP server and here are the downloads of Mozilla Firefox 5 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Firefox has kept it’s promise to have an faster upgrade cycle. Firefox has rolled out the beta version for its new version and according to sources we will be getting the final version of Firefox 5 from Mozilla on 21st June. Although Firefox 5 is available for download on Mozilla FTP server, the official release will happen on 21’st June and everyone will be able to update their Firefox version directly from the update feature.

The new Firefox will have support for CSS animations, better JavaScript loading, a  Do-Not-Track header preference. Firefox 5 will also have better Memory and Network performance upgrade. For other features it will have improved support for HTML5, XHR, MathML, SMIL. Linux user will also have a better desktop environment. However Firefox 5 will be leaving behind WebGL Cross Domain Texture due to security issues. For more features we’ll have to wait for Firefox to be publicly available for download.

firefox 5 download

Firefox 5 can be downloaded from FTP from the following locations.

Mozilla Firefox 5 for Windows:

Download Firefox 5 for Windows

Mozilla Firefox 5 for Linux:

Download Firefox 5 for Linux

Mozilla Firefox 5 for Mac:

Download Firefox 5 for Mac


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