Find Android System/User applications APK location with TitaniumBackup

Finding locations for system or user applications APK file can be as easy with a few taps with Titanium Backup. Learn how to here

If you’ve rooted your Android phone or tablet and are having fun with it. One of the benefits of having a rooted Android is to be able to browse through installed application APK files. Then  when your friend asks to share that application you can just browse to the location where the application is stored and you can send it via Bluetooth, WiFi Direct or any other means.  While this may not be the best way to find locations of the applications, every root Android device owner should have both Titanium Backup and a root file browser like ES File Explorer.

We are going to show you how to  Titanium Backup app which is free on Google Play store to find the apps location. This works with all the applications including System and User applications.

Titanium Backup app location popup

Titanium Backup is a must have application if you’re rooted because when you play around with custom ROMs, you might loose all your data with installation of the new ROM. Titanium Backup enables you to backup all your apps including system apps and all their data so that you don’t have to download them manually or loose all your scores and data from the apps. Apart from that it also provide info on the current installed application on your device from location, versions and more.

Titanium Backup app location finder

Here’s how you find the location of an App on Titanium Backup:

  • First open up your Titanium Backup application
  • Search up the application that you want to share.
  • Tap on the application to get a popup.
  • Tap on the center box next to “Run app”
  • Then you get a new popup with the information about the location of the app.

This might not be the simple method but this is how I’ve been generally finding apps on my phone to share. If you have another easy way to share this, we’d be happy to hear it.

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