Facebook Messenger 2.1.4814.0 Standalone Installer

Facebook Messenger allows you to chat with your Facebook buddies without the use of the browser. Offline installer allows your to install software's without connecting to the internet.

A lot of people don’t yet know about this but Facebook has a desktop messenger application that can be used to chat with Facebook buddies without the need to open up the browser. The browser performance or problems won’t bother you while you use the Facebook Messenger. The latest version of Facebook Messenger is at 2.1.4814.0 and we’ve got the offline installer for our viewers. And you can also view your updates through the Messenger keeping you updated with your Friends activities.

Facebook Messenger 2.1.4651

Features of Facebook Messenger:

  • Chat while you do other stuff
  • Get notified instantly on Friend requests and updates.
  • Go Offline
  • Search through your online Friends
  • Ability to dock itself on right side of your Windows.

Facebook like Google and Skype has chosen to use an online installer to give users the latest version of the messenger which reduces the risks of security vulnerability that might be created with older versions. But online installers create a problem when you have to install them on multiple system during a small time frame. Instead of running a simple installer and be done with it, you have to have connection to the internet, wait for the actual installer to download then use the software.

Download The Offline Installer:

Version 2.1.4814.0


Old Versions:

Version 2.1.4651.0


If you’re prompted with a error for .Net Framework, you are also going to need .Net Framework 2 which you can download from the following link. The link on facebook help page seems to be out of date and leads to a blank page.


I already had .Net Framework 4 installed but it didn’t work, i think you specifically need this old version of .Net Framework to use the Facebook Messenger. I didn’t expect for a big company like Facebook to build on .Net Framework which requires users to install a third party software and also an older version of it.

Any future updates will be posted on this same post.

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