Facebook Graph Search : Searching people, photos, places, and interests

Facebook' announced "Facebook Graph Search" today which makes it easier to search people, photos, places and interests from more than a trillion connections

Facebook’s owner Mark Zuckerberg announced “Facebook Graph Search” today which makes it easier to search from a collection which already has more than a billion people, more than 240 billion photos and more than a trillion connections. Though as Facebook says in its news release, its completely different from Web Search.

Facebook Graph Search

The feature is a limited beta so everyone will not be seeing the feature right away. Although you can add yourself to the waiting list and if you’re accepted, you’ll get an option to use the feature from your Facebook Account.

The Facebook Graph Search will be replacing the regular search bar on every page. This feature will help find new friends with similar interests, photos from the past, new places fitting your interest and a lot more. In other words this acts as a personal assistant helping you find friends, photos and places much easier than before.

You will now using Facebook search for people, photos, places and interest like you’d do it in real life. Some of the examples would be

For People Search:

“friends who live in my city”

“people from my hometown who like skiing ”

“people who like football and live nearby”


For Photos Search:

“photos of my family”

“photos of the Eiffel Tower”

“photos taken in 2012”


 For Places Search:

“restaurants in San Francisco”

“cities visited by my family”

“restaurants liked by my friends”

“countries my friends have visited”


For Interests Search:

“music my friends like”

“movies liked by people who like movies I like”

“languages my friends speak”


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