Facebook for Android updates to a better User Interface

Facebook has yesterday pushed an update to its android app with better speed and user interface inherited from the iOS devices

Facebook has yesterday pushed an update to its android app with an much better user interface and is supposed to increase the speed of uploads from the App. The new app update will give interface implemented on the iOS devices.The navigation is much easier and smooth than the previous app which had a lot of issues. “Photos and albums are up to two times faster than the previous Android app. It’s also easier to share photos, view comments and edit captions on the go.”

Also a lot more features are added on to this update.

facebook for android 2012

As you can see the homepage has completely changed to a brand new interface and its got all the things you would have on your accounts left sidebar on your desktop browser. The activity stream is placed on the left of the home screen which can be viewed with a single tap. The activity stream can be filtered out to view All stories or just status updates, photos, links and so on.

facebook stream android Then the messages and notifications are tabbed above the activity stream, which allows you to easily access them and reply to your friends and view notifications as well.  You can view the messages, friend request and notification with a single tap and they will just overlay the news feed. This feature also resembles the drop down menu on the desktop browser.

facebook messages on android

But the new design is a great improvement from the previous version and with the improvements in user interface and speed, it will be much easier to browse and share with the new Facebook for Android app.


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