Epic Browser is a privacy freaks alternative to Google Chrome

Epic Browser is a out of the box privacy browser without any configuration required. Trackers, Ads and Cookies blocked instantly and ability to browse through encrypted proxy.

Epic Browser is a browser built with the open source browser project Chromium which also powers Google Chrome.  But unlike Google Chrome, the Chromium browser has no proprietary code from Google, meaning it’s just a browser without any of the tracking from Google. If you are a developer, you can compile the browser and modify it to suit your needs. You can add and remove code to make it fast of feature rich as you want of you can configure it to be a privacy strict browser which won’t let sites to track you.

epic browser main features

Epic Browser is on that road and it’s already got a community behind it. From Epic Browser, your browsing activity are completely private, tracking scripts are blocked, private data cleared when you close the browser and many other privacy hacks.

Epic Browser Features

Other features include:

  • On Close, Epic Clears All Your Browsing Data
  • Tracking Cookies, Ads Blocked By Default
  • Comprehensive Ad & Tracker Blocking
  • One Click Encrypted Proxy
  • Search Protection
  • Referer Header Data Not Sent
  • Do Not Track Signal Always – On
  • Local Address Bar Auto-complete

So, Epic Browser is a out of the box privacy browser without any configuration required.  The wire connection on the right of the navigation bar enables proxy which encrypts your data to and from your browser which enhances your security and also privacy. The browser literally doesn’t allow any privacy traces to remain on your PC that could be used to identify you.

Epic Browser Proxy Enabler

  • No History.
  • No Third Party Cookies.
  • No Auto-Suggest.
  • No DNS Cache.
  • No Web Cache.
  • No Sync.
  • No Autofill.
  • No Alternate Error Pages.
  • No DNS Pre-Fetching.
  • No Spell-Check.
  • No Automated “Most Visited Websites”.
  • Extensions Blocked except for Epic Webstore

So if you  are a privacy concerned internet user or an activist, this browser is great to have your privacy online.

Download it from:


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