Encrypt your DNS queries with DNSCrypt

DNSCrypt is a privacy software which encrypts DNS queries from you to server which might be vulnerable to eavesdropping otherwise. It works with any DNS servers.

DNS (Domain Name Service) is one of the most important part of the internet enabling you to reach sites, send emails and basically everything you do online. This basically the way for computer to resolve all the addresses for the sites you view and also emails you send. However all this information can compromised or can be eavesdropped by hackers, which can reveal list of all the sites you’ve visited or used. DNSCrypt is a software that plans to prevent that with encrypting your DNS traffic.


OpenDNS, a free DNS service have created a software called DNSCrypt which is enable to encrypt the request between you and the DNS service. This program will work on any DNS service you’re are on, you don’t specifically need to be using the OpenDNS for your DNS resolving.

DNSCrypt is currently available for Windows and Mac.

 Download DNSCrypt for Mac

Download DNSCrypt for Windows

DNSCrypt uses mechanisms similar to SSL which encrypts HTTP protocol for safety. DNSCrypt uses elliptical-curve cryptography, called Curve25519.

If you’re are concerned about your privacy or security online then this is yet another tool to defend your privacy. Use it and tell us how you feel in the comments.

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