Download and Test Drive Internet Explorer 10

If you want to try out the brand new Internet Explorer 10 and take it for a test drive. Now you can download it from the Official Microsoft Website. However you are going to need a Windows 7 with SP1 to able to test out the features of the Internet Explorer 10. This is supposed to be a great leap in the development of Internet Explorer with great security features and performance upgrade.

Also you might run into problems while running it with the current release of  Internet Explorer 8 or 9. For a brief of some known issues check out Internet Explorer 10 Release Notes.

Here are some of the preview of the changes in IE 10:-

Event object’s ‘trusted’ property
In recent changes to the W3C DOM Level 3 Events specification’s Last Call feedback, the working group elected to change the ‘trusted’ property to ‘isTrusted’ to match the property of the same name and semantics in Mozilla browsers. IE’s implementation of this property has been adjusted to match.

DOM Programmability
Invoking cached DOM functions without using the dot (.) notation and without using call/apply/bind now throws script errors. The previously supported legacy function invocation pattern has been removed for better interoperability and standards support:

var g = document.getElementById; g(‘test’); // Now throws an exception

Enumeration of DOM objects previously only included properties and event handlers. With IE9 and IE10 standards mode, enumeration now includes functions as well. Support for invoking collection objects as functions (rather than array-indexing): document.images(0) has been removed from the following collection objects: HTMLFormElement, window.frames, document.frames, NodeList.

HTCs / VBScript
HTML Components (HTC) and VBScript code when used inside of an IE9 or IE10 standards mode page are no longer executed in compatibility view. Consequently, DOM APIs used by the HTC or VBScript code now behave according to the IE standards mode version of the same APIs.

DOM Properties in Attributes Collection
Properties set on DOM objects no longer appear in the attributes collection (NamedNodeMap) and vice versa in IE9 or IE10 standards mode. This change also aligns IE’s programmability model with current standards and interoperability.

Let’s hope we get a browser that can compare with the likes of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox when the final version comes out.

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