Collusion : Firefox Addon that Visually tracks who’s tracking you

Collusion is a new Add-on for Mozilla Firefox that lets you visually view third party tracking websites tracking you through multiple websites you visit.

There is a new add-on for Mozilla Firefox that lets you visual display of the activity of  tracking/advertising sites that track you across different websites you visit. The Add-on is called Collusion and still on experimental stage. Since tracking websites use the same cookies across the website to identify you and your browsing habits, the add-on lets you view in real time which websites you visit are linked with the same tracking sites.

As you browse through the web, the Collusion add-on records which sites you visit and which sites are linked together with the same tracking sites. Then you get a spider web like display of websites where you see the sites you visited with their icon and the sites that track you are shown in red. And if the tracking sites are used in multiple sites you visit, they are linked with each other.

Collusion Firefox Add-on

The Collusion Add-on is still a experimental addon, but you’re free to install it on your Mozilla Firefox and try it out. The addon doesn’t need a restart and stays on your add-on bar at the bottom of firefox from where you can view the spider web anytime. Once you click the Collusion icon, it’ll open a new windows where you can watch the activity in real time.

Then you can identify whats been tracking you across multiple sites. And if you want to stop these companies from tracking your activity online, Collusion recommends TrackerBlock add-on which is available for both Firefox and Internet Explorer.

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