Clipjump – Multi clipboard manager for copy pasters

Clipjump is a multiple clipboard manager that lets you hold multiple objects (text, images, files) in the clipboard so you can switch through them when you need them helping you increasing your Copy/paste productivity.

Ever wanted to copy multiple items from the browser or some document and paste them as you want them on a new document or a report. I’m sure everyone has wanted that at one point or another. By default Operating systems come with single clipboard where you can copy one item at a time, either image or text. But that’s about to change when you learn about Clipjump and start using it.

Clipjump clipboard manager

Clipjump is a windows application which lets you manage multiple clipboards including images and texts. So you don’t have to switch your windows every time you need to copy something and back. Especially when you need to manage how to appropriately manage how you want to paste them. The downside is it only works on Windows.

Clipjump clipboard history

This simple looking tool has ton of great features to improve your productivity. Some of them include:

  • It Captures every change on Clipboard regardless of data-types.
  • Supports preview of Clipboard stored images such as Printscreen captures.
  • Control Multiple-Clipboards only by using the single shortcut Ctrl+V (which is also configurable)
  • Can have as much as simultaneous clipboards as possible, no LIMIT.
  • Very (very) fast Clipboard switching.
  • Fast and powerful searching to help find needed content while pasting.
  • Batch/Multiple Pasting
  • Highly Configurable, thanks to ClipjumpCustom
  • Not touches the registry and System drive.
  • Multilingual, free, portable, Unicode, open source

This application will make you think about all the time you’ve wasted using the old default Windows clipboard. This will make those “Ctlr + X/C/V” much more convenient and manageable. For a basic run down of how it works.

Clipjump Quick Guide

  • You first copy items you need like text, images and such, then go to a new document or location where you want to paste the said object or text.
  • Then you hold your “Ctrl” button and press “V” button till you find the one you need.
  • You can press “C” while holding “Ctrl” to go back and forth on your clipboard manager.
  • So once you find the object you’re looking for, you can release the “Ctrl” button that pastes the current clipboard item you have chosen.
  • Then there is “Ctrl + X” which helps you  delete/clear the clipboard items.
  • The “Ctrl + Z” helps you with formatting but most probably won’t be needing that much.

So that’s it. Hope you enjoy using Clipjump as I did. Let us know if you know any other application that can beat Clipjump or have any other comments.

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