Choosing the best OpenDNS server for your network

Open DNS has 4 extra DNS server IP which can be used for using OpenDNS as your DNS provider. Benchmark them to get the best server suited for your device and location.

OpenDNS is one of popular free DNS provider with the ability to filter and analyze DNS data from your Network. This helps in a lot of way for Network managers and administrators. Normally OpenDNS offers 2 IP to the public to use. But they have 4 DNS resolving IP that you can use.

complete opendns benchmark

As the 2 public are used widely, it can sometimes get slow during heavy load hours. So it’s good to check other IP’s to check if they are faster than the regular IP provided. To check this we’ll have to benchmark these IP’s from our system to check their speed and reliability.

Firstly get DNS Benchmark for your Windows. After it has completely loaded, use the “Add/Remove” button on the left side to remove the current DNS services and only load OpenDNS name servers.

opendns dns benchmark

Download the api which you can load through the “Add INI file Nameservers” option.

Once loaded, run the benchmark on your system which will run multiple speed and reliability tests that will determine which OpenDNS server is best suited for you.

add opendns ini file

Be sure to check out the “Tabular Data” for in-depth information about reliability of these servers. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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