Broadlink’s single IP being blocked or banned on most sites.

The use of single external ip has caused the network to be marked as spammer or a botnet. Which has caused the ip to be blocked on many sites.

Broadlink, the new ISP that has come forth with great internet plans and service might have done a big mistake that has caused it to block its users from most of the top internet sites and also being blacklisted on some of the top internet blacklist and spammers list. Broadlink offers a great wifi service, but it only uses a single IP( as an external IP for all its users to access the internet. What ISP would use a single IP for all its users, that’s just not good service.

With everyone on the same external IP address, someone might spam from within the network or just be infected with a virus or trojan which can cause the computer to spam others without the users intervention. This internet service went well for a year and we always had a doubt that this single external ip for the whole network would cause troble someday. Seems that time is now,it seems that everywhere you go you are being asked to verify you are a human and not a bot or a spammer and getting roadblocked. Spam detection systems stop you while to try to comment on some sites or while browsing discussion forums. The sites that imposed the block  includes top sites like Google, and Youtube. Lets start with screenshots and links to what broadlink has currently being blocked on.

On Google.

broadlink blocked google

On Youtube

broadlink blocked at youtube

On Project Honeypot

broadlink at projecthoneypot

And here are some of the blacklist listing sites where you can see the current status of the broadlink ip address.

So i urge the owners at Broadlink to take this matter seriously and take a look at the sites that it has been blacklisted  on and act accordingly. Or soon all the users from the network will be marked as spammers and that might cause them to loose accounts on those sites or prevent them from accessing service from those sites.

So Broadlink has stop this from hampering the users of the broadlink internet. It would be much better to introduce a IP renew cycle or other methods to prevent a fault of single pc or a bot to affect the service of the whole service users. A copy of this post will also be forwarded to the administrator of the Broadlink Ltd. to notify them of this.

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