The Best Text Editor for Windows – Notepad ++

Notepad plus plus is one of the best text editors with alot of features to manipulate text and source codes with multiple tab feature and more.

Text Editors in computer are programs that help you edit text and source codes easily without any text formating or styling. They make editing text much easier that anyone could do it no experience required. Programmers use notepads to write codes in different programming languages and able to compile them without any errors. Try that in a word processing software and you’ll run into lots of trouble.

The latest version for Notepad ++ is 5.9.2 and you can download it from the image link below. You can download the source code for the program here.downloadnotepad 5.9.2

Windows comes with a default text editor known as notepad. but it’s really a very simple tool and hasn’t developed any other features than just editing text and code. Although there are lots of text editors out there on the web but the best free text editor i’ve seen yet is the open source Notepad ++. JEdit is a really good too, but I prefer Notepad ++ for anything i’m doing from editing text to programming.

notepad coding in c plus plus

Notepad ++ comes with lots of features that you can use to manipulate text. Unlike the default windows notepad, notepad ++ is able to manipulate text in many ways than you can imagine.

Here are some of the features of Notepad ++

  • Multiple Tab features make it easy to switch between your work files.
  • Ability to record and run Macros. For instance, you can record a simple two step macro for the repeatative task like adding a prefix or suffix to all the lines. Then you can save the macro and use it when ever you want.
  • The text you select can instantly be used for find and replace.
  • Zoom in text easily according to your need.
  • Ability to open much bigger files then regular notepad.
  • You can use Normal, Extended and RegEx Search modes for making your text editing task easier.
  • The Notepad automatically adds indentation to the programming codes as you type them.
  • Support 5 different Character encoding and conversion.
  • There are so many keyboard shortcuts for task like converting to UPPERCASE or lowercase, running a macro, and replacing texts.
  • Support for plugins that enable many other features like encoding/decoding, comparing text files, spell checker and more.
  • Easy save to the file format you want while saving.
  • Available in many different native languages.

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