Android Antivirus : NetQin Security with Anti-Lost

NetQin Security is a android antivirus app which prevents your device from malicious code and apps and also with anti lost and system optimization features.

NetQin Security is an  Android antivirus app for android which helps you secure your android device from malicious software and also help protect your device from theft. With its own anti lost settings, you can set your device to send a message to a predetermined number to alert it of the loss. And the number of person who tries to change the SIM card is also sent with the message.

android antivurs netqin security

Netqin application is free to download from the android app store. The application is free of ads and is really user friendly. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the application is installed you have to update your virus definition to secure your android from malicious code. Then you can go ahead to setup your anti lost and privacy settings. The antivirus features of the application allows you to scan your device for any malicious codes or applications.

Netqin Security offers more features like Traffic manager, system optimization and contacts backups. Traffic manager helps you set a limit for your monthly bandwidth and alerts you when you’ve reached your limit. This is a great for those with limited. bandaidth to use. The traffic manager also keeps a daily record to show your daily usage statistics.

The Privacy settings from this apps also lists all the applications from your device and lets you know what features can they access on your device like accessing your contacts, access message, track locations(via GPS) and  access  device info. Which allows you to view what the applications are able to access.

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