Amazon Appstore now International with free app a day

Amazon's Android app store now support international users and also offers a paid app for free for a day to its users and payment by Amazon Gift Cards.

Amazon’s Android App Store now seems to support international users which it didn’t previously and also offers a paid app for free for a day to its users. And i recently missed SwiftKey Keyboard on the giveaway day :(. Other applications since then have been mildly popular or entirely new ones. Still you get an app that someone else would need to pay any other day. You can test, review it then uninstall it. This app store is a sweet addition for Android users with Google Play Store.

Amazon AppStore International

To get started with Amazon App Store, please follow these steps from Amazon

This could provide international android users with and alternative to use Amazon gift cards as opposed to credit card. We know a lot of people are restricted from  buying genuine games and applications on Google Play Store as it requires a credit card, and gift cards are only available on few locations. But on the Amazon app store, its as simple as adding a gift card and buying any app you wish.

Amazon AppStore Giftcard Balance

Which is already better, easier and safer than applying for your credit card and using your credit card information online. Amazon App Store could encourage international users to start buying genuine android apps as Amazon gift cards aren’t hard to get unlike credit or debit cards. There are tons of site that offer Amazon gift cards as rewards. So if you don’t have a credit card yet, you could still purchase an app from the Amazon app store with your gift card.

Amazon already has an associates program where you can collect your affiliate commissions in Amazon gift card. So if you are making some money with Amazon, you can now buy genuine apps from developers with lifetime support and updates. No more waiting for someone to upload the apk file on the internet.

So what are you waiting for, Get Started Now.

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