Always on Top Windows AutoHotKey script

Many of the software that allow you to keep windows always on top are filled with additional. And most are made with a single line of code in AutoHotkey compiled into an executable. Here's you can make your own.

One of the features that I miss the most when I switch from Ubuntu to Windows is the ability to keep windows on top while you are working with another application. In Ubuntu, windows can be held at the top by default by pressing the right click menu on the top of the windows. This helps make transferring files copy images from the web browser and other multiple things much easier than switching windows everything. However, for Windows, after all these years it is not a default feature, and you have to switch constantly between Windows every time you have to copy files. With this single line of code in Autohotkey, make your windows stay always on top maker with AutoHotkey script

AutoHotkey is an open source application for Windows, which allows you to automate keystrokes and other features in the window desktop. In my search for an application that would help me place an individual window above all other, I found a few that were very light and worked almost perfectly. However, they were all, using a simple AutoHotKey script which was compiled as an executable. Moreover, the most interesting thing was the line of code was only a single line.

Autohotkey as many other things you can automate, so it is great to have on a Windows desktop. Before you explore other features, you may want to start off by creating a simple “always on top maker”. It is much better than installing third-party apps because you do not get any bloatware, and you can customize more automation scripts with Autohotkey as you learn more of it’s features.

Always on top AutoHotKey script

So here it is:
!t:: Winset, Alwaysontop, , A

After you’ve installed Autohotkey application, just paste above line of code into a new text file, and rename the extension to .ahk. This makes the file execute allowing you to keep windows on top of others why do you use your keyboard keystroke combination. The “!” at the ahead of the code represents “Alt” key, and “t” represents the letter T. This means the code is executed when you press the “Alt+t” keys on your keyboard. Similarly you can change it to “^” which is for “Ctrl“. There are more hotkeys combinations here

always on top taskbar

Once you see the applications running on the taskbar in Windows; you can choose any window and press the “Alt + T” shortcut to keep the current window on top of all the others while you work, copy files, images, or text from your web browser. If you are a developer, it also saves you much time by allowing you to code side by side with other applications as you can test and code at the same time. You would not have to resize and move around the desktop or Windows every time you want to switch from them.

If you already have AutoHotkey installed, I’ve uploaded the script so you can download it and use it right now without having to create it yourself.


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