AirDroid 2 Beta released. Download APK

AirDroid 2 Beta has been released to the public but not yet in the Google Play Store. Get the list of feature and download link and try out latest feature.

The much loved Android application which allows users to manage and transfer files to and from your device with many more functionality like SMS management, music player has reached version 2.0 beta. This beta version is only available only through a invite download link.

AirDroid 2.0

You can download the AirDroid 2.0 beta APK at the following link:

AirDroid find my phone

The version 2.0 beta features:-

  • Performance and bug fixes.
  • Login with confirmation on phone.
  • Ability to access device from the internet.(registration required)
  • Find phone feature. (last known GPS location)

So get the app before it hits the Google Play store and be the first ones to try out the newer feature.

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