AeroFS – Sync Files without a server

AeroFS is a dropbox alternative file sync service that allows you to sync files without the need of a middleman server and provides better security for your files.

We’ve discussed about dropbox which lets its users sync files with a cloud server. And we’ve also discussed on how the staff of dropbox are allowed to access your files. But now there’s a new file sync service available which lets you sync files securely without the need of any server and its called AeroFS. You might say that’s what file sharing in network is for, but AeroFS offers both cloud server sync or without it and they’re both tightly secured. And this will works without internet on local servers.

AeroFS uses peer-to-peer file sharing system. When you’re connecting with any person with AeroFS, you’re directly connected to them without any middle-man or a server

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With AeroFS you will be using your disk space for sync so you do not have any limit to how much you can share. Also when you use AeroFS, youre computer is given a 2048 bit encryption key which is unique and to start file share these keys are used as authentication keys. During File share or sync a secure communication channel is created which helps complete security from eavesdropping(someone traping your data between computers).  And the data is tightly secured with encryption on both end.

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