AeroFS Beta 0.4.107 released

AeroFS uses peer-to-peer file sharing system, securely syncing directly to connected PCs without any middle-man or a server. AeroFS Beta 0.4.107

AeroFS is a software that allows you to sync files and folders without the use of any servers. Which means no server is going to store or access your files when you sync through AeroFS software. AeroFS has just released their Beta version and if you want to test the application you can do so by filling up an questionnaire from AeroFS, which guarantees you an invite.

AeroFS uses peer-to-peer file sharing system. When you’re connecting with any person with AeroFS, you’re directly connected to them without any middle-man or a server

AeroFS beta


These are some of the features of AeroFS:

Ultimate Privacy

AeroFS will only share your files with those who you invite. Files are never stored in the cloud unless you specifically enable Cloud Backup.

Unlimited Storage

AeroFS lets you sync all the data on your devices. No limits. No caps. You already have all the storage you need, now use it!

Better Security

AeroFS encrypts your data end-to-end. This way, we are able to provide better security than most online storage services. Seriously.

If you’re interested in syncing your files securely without any middle man server or privacy fears, we recommend you fill up the questionnaire and help test the software.

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