Add Programs to stratup in Windows

Some simple methods to add programs to startup in Windows with ease.

Ever wanted to run a program on startup but couldn’t because the program didn’t have a “start with windows” feature, or a virus cut off the registry entry to disable the program to run on startup . This tutorial will help you on how add programs to windows startup.

There are two ways you can add your programs to your windows startup. One is by adding them to registry and the other is to add them to the startup folder at the start menu.

Let’s start with the simple add to the startup folder. This startup folder is located here.

Start menu > All Programs > Startup

You can just drag a program shortcut to the Startup listing. Or you can just right click the listing and then choose explore, then the startup folder will popup where you can add your shortcuts and the programs will run every time at windows startup.

windows startup

Another way to add a program to your windows startup is with a edit to Windows Registry. Follow these simple steps for this method.

A simple method to edit window registry is a .reg file. For this create a new Text document and paste in the following and edit the items as you require. The red text represents the name you add to the registry entry and the text in the green is the destination of the executable. The double slashes are mandatory. After you are done save the file with a .reg extension, then run the file to add your registry.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
"WinRar"="\"C:\\Program Files\\WinRar\\Rar.exe\""

If  the above registry method fails try to edit the registry manually following the steps below.

1. Go to the Run command at your Windows Start button and type regedit and press Enter.

2. Windows Registry Editor window will pop and then direct yourself to this destination on the left panel.


3. On the left pane you will see the programs that run on your startup.

4 Right click on the empty space and Add a new string Value. You’ll get a new name on the pane name New Value #1.

windows startup registry

5. Name “New Value #1″ to your program name you are about to add then double click the name and on the next window you will find a “Value data:” text field where you are to add the destination of your executable as the following image.

add new registry string

6. Press OK and its complete. You have added a program to your windows startup.


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