A 3D Printer for printing realistic 3D objects

3D printing is a technology which is able to print or replicate real 3 dimensional objects from an 3d computer model with the use of special materials.

Have you ever wondered if you could print or replicate the things you need like a spoon, cup, plates, a toy or movable objects like wrench, bearing balls whenever you want them. Now you can get a printer that is able to print all those 3D objects that you can hold them in your hand and are hard enough to play with them.

The printer uses a composite material which is in a powder state at the beginning. Then the printer adds in a binder material layer by layer solidifying the powder into an solid object, which when complete can be pulled out of the printer with your hands.

Here are some of the videos of 3D printer.
[youtube ZboxMsSz5Aw]

What kind of things you can make with a 3D printer?
[youtube HdzooQQDWGg]

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