4 alternative server IP to use for OpenDNS

4 alternative IP addresses that can be used besides the regular IP provided by OpenDNS to secure and speed up your network internet access.

OpenDNS is a popular and reliable way to analyze your networks DNS queries while also managing and filtering requests on sent to the internet from the local network. OpenDNS has a dashboard which lets you filter sites in specific categories so users on your network can not access those content. With managing your filters, OpenDNS also can detect if botnets are running on your network and alert you.

OpenDNS Alternative IP Addresses

OpenDNS normally provides 2 IP for public usage. These are:

But there are alternative IP’s you can use to still be able to use OpenDNS services. These can be under less load as they aren’t public during peak hours. However, it is not certain that these IPs are better and faster that the public IP provided.

So here they are:      resolver1.opendns.com      resolver2.opendns.com      resolver3.opendns.com      resolver4.opendns.com      resolver1-fs.opendns.com      resolver2-fs.opendns.com

So, that’s it. Add them, and check if they are faster by pinging them. Let us know what you think in the comments.

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