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Facebook : You can’t hide from Search anymore

By | 18th January, 2013 | 0 Comments

Facebook leading to its new addition to the social networking site called Facebook Graph Search has removed the ability of a user to opt out from being shown in the search result. As this would limit the Graph Search to find users using this privacy measure.

According to Quartz, users will no longer be able to opt-out of being shown as a search result in favor of the new addition to the social network called Facebook Graph Search which leans towards providing more opportunities for Advertising rather than searching for friends.  Now you can be searched according to your interest, places you’ve visited and your likes so that facebook can feed that data to the advertisers can so you more of their Ads or their posts and pages. Because your profile and information isn’t that private anymore.

Facebook has been playing with these confusing privacy settings for a long time. And has been blamed for countless privacy concerns from the online societies. But still, once again it has removed the option to keep your profile private without any notifications to the users who had the option enabled.

At the time of the change, Facebook product director Sam Lessin said “a single-digit percentage of users” had opted out of appearing in search results on Facebook. The site has more than a billion users, so 1% is 10 million people. The company didn’t respond to inquiries today.

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