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Yahoo Messenger Invisible Detection

By | 26th January, 2010

There are some ways to know if your friends are online or not. One method is a manual check and the other one is a auto check with yahoo messenger invisible detection sites. They help you detect invisible people in yahoo easily and for free. This is useful when want to find someone either hiding from you or you have something important to talk.

Here are some of the web sites that allow you to freely check the messenger status of your buddy on yahoo . One of the yahoo invisible checker that helps you find your friends online yahoo status  is a site named invisible.ir. This will do a quick check and tell you the status with the users avatar.

yahoo messenger invisible detection


There are other services like ydetector and others that will help you confirm the persons online yahoo status. As yahoo updates their features some site may not be able to update it quick enough to be able to accurately show the real status of the user.

ydetector - yahoo invisible detector

Be sure to check the messenger status on multiple status detection sites to confirm.

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