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VirusTotal Mozilla Firefox Plugin

By | 18th August, 2010 | 0 Comments

virustotal firefox addon

Virus Total is a free service that helps you check suspicious files for virus, trojans and malwares with mulitple Anti-virus softwares. And now it has a firefox plugin that will help you secure your internet browsing and as well as scan files from the internet before downloading them. And it is called VTzilla.

With this addon you’ll be able to scan your downloads before storing them from the internet with a single click. You’ll see the “Scan with VirusTotal” on the download dialog box. You’re also have ability to check urls you are trying to visit and is it a reported site or not from virustotal or virustotal community.


The addon will also add a right click feature on firefox by which you can scan suspicious urls with VirusTotal. This will keep you safe from phishing sites and malwares.


To install the plugin just visit to this VirusTotal Page. Under “How do i Start” you’ll see a “VTzilla Firefox Plugin”  link. Then you’ll be opted to install the addon. Press install, restart the firefox browser and you’re done.

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