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Viber : Free VoIP Calls to Anyone with the App

By | 13th November, 2011 | 9 Comments

Viber is an application available for Android and iPhone which allows you to call anyone with the same app and a internet connection(WiFi or 3G).  Viber is easy to use without the need to register or use of any kind of verification. Instead it uses your number to uniquely identify your device and enable you to directly use it to call or chat your contacts who also have Viber installed on their mobiles. The Viber App is free to use internationally and doesn’t consist any Ads to annoy users.

You can download the Viber app for your Android or iPhone from the respective market or use these links directly:

Viber App for Iphone


Viber App for Android


Also Viber easily goes through your contacts automatically and check the numbers to see if your contacts are already on Viber and send them a message that you’ve just installed the app and they can now call or send you message any time. Then the contacts which are already using Viber are listes as Viber Contacts.Viber Android


With the ability to call freely while on internet, it also allows you to chat with your contacts. You can use this when you don’t want to call them directly or  just send messages to your friends. Your friend will get the message instantly if they’re on internet or receive a message when they join a internet connection(WiFi or 3G).

Viber Chat

The sound quality is good but it’ll depend on your connection speed or WiFi signal strength for you to clearly hear the partner and viceversa. If you have a low signal strength then you can use the chat feature to communicate.

You can also invite your friends to start using Viber using SMS, Facebook or Email. Build your contacts in Viber so that you’ll save lots on phone bills. And there are often lots of  free WiFi hot-spots these days, so just use them to call your pals.

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